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For each item purchased, a duplicate is donated to an organization in your area to distribute to those facing the streets

Our Story

The face behind Dignity & Grace My name is Aliyah. I am a 17 year old mother & grade 12 student. I founded Dignity & Grace after feeling the need to address the issue of discrimination against those on the streets. We are too quick to judge, or assume we know someones story. We fear, we shun, we brush off. Its almost as if we are dehumanizing those that need us the most. One day while driving through Lethbridge with my family we saw a woman crossing the street, she was yelling and crying, she was dressed in raggedy clothes carrying a few possessions, she was barefoot with the ankles of her tights pulled low to act as a barrier between her feet and the concrete. The area she was in was not the greatest or cleanest. Without a thought my mother pulled up to her and offered this woman her shoes, the woman froze in shock for a moment that someone approached her, she asked for a drink which unfortunately we didn't have. My mother again offered her shoes, this lady was tiny with delicate little feet so the shoes were too big but she was so happy to have them to continue her journey to the shelter and we continued to drive on our way (my mother completely barefoot) This moment stuck in my head, what had the most impact was when my mother told this story to a friend, their response was "you gave your Birkenstocks away, those are expensive." This person was more concerned about the cost of my mothers shoes then the woman. I decided to build Dignity & Grace. Just because the people facing the streets have less does not mean they are less. They deserve to be clothed in Dignity & shown Grace! Shop with us today to be apart of the change!


Messages sent to the streets 

Each item donated comes with a handwritten tag with a personalized message from the purchaser

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